About Us

PCM exports has been a market leader in India for providing high quality Dry Fruits, Processed Vegan Products and Organic Agricultural Produce in India since 2010. The company is targeting to supply organic agricultural produce at affordable price to customers across the globe from its own farms and trusted organic farms in India.

Rich Naturals is a Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand from PCM Exports through which it is selling its produce to retail buyers across the globe and has created its own name.

The prime objective of this initiative is to make Organic Agricultural Produce to be sold almost at equal price at normal (non-organic) products available in the market.

We need support from all our customers and prospective buyers to have trust in us and on our products so that we can involve more and more farmers from India in this organic movement and save our soil and environment from toxic chemical use in agricultural production process.

If any of our customers have any queries or complaints or suggestion for improvement of our products, please feel free to reach out to me directly!

Let's eat Natural.. Rich Natural!!

-Prabodh Mishra, Founder, PCM exports.